♀ Harleigh Reynolds, Twenty years old, Actress

The Rise to Fame:

  • Once you’re in, there’s no way out.

Ever since you could remember you’ve been in the spotlight; roles being passed around at the dinner table as your parents helped you decided upon which one to take next, or maybe random strangers coming up to you on the street and asking if you were “that one girl from that one movie.” It becomes normal after time, something that just adjust with. The interviews and photo shoots become a part of your daily life, things most people would kill for soon become things that you loathe. Living the fast life as a child could be fun and the perks it supplies you with for life are great, just ask Harleigh Reynolds. Because of her mother’s own failed theatrical career, the feisty brunette from Simi Valley, a small town just outside of the Los Angeles City limits, was thrust into the spotlight the moment she was released from the hospital. With her mother living vicariously through her, Harleigh was beginning to gain stardom before she could even talk. Small roles in sitcoms, playing the toddler child of a younger George Clooney, or maybe the problematic fourth grader living with Julia Roberts; you name it, Harleigh has done it through her years as a child actress. She was the Drew Barymore of her generation, the little girl that appeared on the big screens across the nation and stole hearts with her big, deep eyes and ringlets. But still, the roles weren’t picked because the little girl found herself connected to them, they were picked because her mother knew the fame that they held. That’s really all her mother cared about anymore, finding roles for her daughter that would cause her resume to grow and catch the attention of the media. She wanted her daughter to be the teen of Hollywood, and she was about to achieve that soon. When Harleigh was fifteen she landed the biggest role in her life - the lead on a sitcom for teenagers. For once, she found a role that she actually enjoyed playing. The harsh, burning lights of fame weren’t so bad anymore, finding joy in something that made both herself and her mother happy. But, happiness always ends. You can’t be a teenager forever and a series has to end eventually, placing you back where you started. Now, with twenty years of experience under her belt, Harleigh is back where she was five years ago, forced into being the unhappy puppet of her mother’s master plan.

Behind it all:

  • So you think you know Harleigh Reynolds, huh? Guess Again.

You’d think because she’s continued her career for almost twenty years that she wouldn’t want it to end anytime soon, but she does. Harleigh is sick of the Hollywood life; the fast paced, dog-eat-dog, glamorous life just isn’t for her. In fact, it never was. She always did it to please her mom, or because she was forced to. And now that she’s finished the one project she actually learned to enjoy, she wants to be done once and for all. Her hands are aching to be wiped clean of Hollywood Land, her feet wanting to walk the grounds of some other place. Harleigh just wants to move past it all, but her mother won’t let her. “You’re not done yet,” she would tell her daughter, “great things are on the horizon. I know it.” Harleigh is well aware of her mom’s dreams, fearing that if she told her mother what she really wanted that it would break her altogether. But, this is Hollywood, right? And in Hollywood, sometimes you have to break down others to get what you want, even if they are your family.


  • Reese Matthews 

He was so cute, so little when he first appeared on the social scene. His gestures were small and nervous, making her smile widen with each movement of his hands against his body. Reese was adorable, like those little freshman who walk in on the first day of school each year; they never really said anything or opened up, but their face read off every emotion they were feeling. Harleigh saw him as that, taking him under her wing slightly as he made his way through Hollywood. She wanted to watch the shy little kid grow as an artist, as a person, and even as a star. She wanted to have someone to look back on in a couple of years and be able to say she helped guide him through the crazy ways of Hollywood, and now, two years later, she can. Harleigh has formed a bond with Reese, a brother and sister type of love. She looked out for him and he did the same for her; neither wanted to see the other hurt, just success. 

  • Amelia David 

Dinners at the White House, rides in Air Force One, and long conversations with the President himself have become regular events in Harleigh’s life. Ever since finding friendship with the beautiful and blonde Amelia, the actress has found herself spending quite a lot of time wrapped up with the political scene. It’s not quite known how the two met, or how they even connected, but they did and neither of the two want to go back. It’s hard to find someone who sees you as more than a model or the President’s daughter, or more than the child star who is still making her way through Hollywood - so when you do, you cherish it and never let it go. It’s good knowing you have someone solid to fall back on if things were to go downhill fast, or someone to call whenever you needed a ride home from the club; Harleigh knew this, but what’s going to happen when Amelia picks at her messy bedroom again, or fixes the fly aways on her ponytail? It’s beginning to get on her last nerve, the way that her friend has to have everything be perfect, and it’s only a matter of time before she snaps at her for it.

  • Barry Thomas 

Just the thought of the dark-haired, dark-eyed, fowl mouthed boy made her skin crawl. Was it really necessary for him to run his mouth so much, make fun of those around him, and ruin the lives of some people who actually attempted to be his friend? No, it wasn’t, and Harleigh saw that. He was just an insecure little boy to her, one who was famous for pretty much nothing, and she wasn’t afraid to let him know that. Her disgust for the boy was evident in the way she treated him; she rambled replies back to him, even called him out publicly a few times for the way he treated Reese. The girl’s list of disliked people wasn’t that long, and only a few made it on there, and Barry was special enough to earn a spot on it - the very first one.


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